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Four Digital Locks to Choose for Better Security of Your Home

In terms of how the locking mechanism works, digital locks are essentially the same as regular locks. The main distinction is in the unlocking. 

A traditional lock necessitates the use of the correct key, whereas digital locks rely on biometrics, security tokens, or passcodes.

Digital locks are essentially the same as regular locks in terms of how the locking mechanism works. The main difference is in the unlocking. 

Traditional locks require the use of the appropriate key, whereas digital locks rely on biometrics, security tokens, or passcodes.


1) SHS-3321 (Samsung) 



The Samsung SHS-3321 is another low-cost option. This is a straightforward digital lock that employs a number pad, RFID card, and tag. 

It's fuss-free and easy to use, and it has a handy feature that locks the door automatically after you close it. Perfect for those who are constantly wondering if they remembered to lock the door, don't you think?


2) YDM 4109 from Yale 


If you have the money, the Yale YDM 4109 is one of the best biometric locks on the market right now. 

It has cutting-edge fingerprint recognition technology, including one-touch fingerprint scanning, which eliminates the need to fumble with the lock. 

The Yale YDM 4109 also has an alarm that will sound if anyone tries to force the lock open. 

Furthermore, if you are concerned that your password will be exposed to outsiders when you enter it, the digital lock has a scramble code function. 

This means that you can use this function to add ‘scramble numbers' (a random selection of digits) before and after your password.


3) Deadbolt 2S igloohome 



If you want something less expensive, consider the igloohome Deadbolt 2S. Although it has a physical key slot, it can also use digital keys such as Bluetooth or PIN codes. 

This lock is ideal for those who list their homes on Airbnb or offer short-term rentals. 

It includes an app that allows you to generate PIN codes or Bluetooth keys to send to visitors and guests even when you're not there. You can also specify how long these codes are valid for!


4) SHS-P718 (Samsung) 



Samsung is a well-known name in the digital lock market, and they have a model that is not only sophisticated, but also quite classy - the SHS-P718. 

This digital lock comes in a variety of lovely finishes and includes a fingerprint scanner for all those times you fantasised about being a secret agent. 

The SHS-P718 also allows you to open the door by pushing or pulling on the handle, which is useful when your hands are full.

It also has a suspicion movement alert, which sounds a warning siren if the system detects any movement for an extended period of time, as well as a temperature sensor, which automatically unlocks the door in the event of a fire.

Finally, some benefits of digital door locks that may encourage you to switch to them:


  1. Keys cannot be duplicated. The holder knows how many keys are in circulation. 
  2. Everything is accessible with a single key... 
  3. The security code is hidden.... 
  4. Keys that have been misplaced are not a problem. 
  5. There's no need to keep an eye on your keys. 
  6. Access rights can be changed. 
  7. Updates via the internet... 
  8. Systems that are extremely secure.