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Developer Review | Green City Developers


Green City Developers (GCD) Ltd has the solutions to provide your country in addressing the situation by having a more favorable economy and a sustainable development through THE “NEW” FUND where our Funder has the instrument to facilitate a non-recourse and non-repayable fund for the aforementioned factors.

As an organization incorporated in the year 2006 in Papua New Guinea, we have come a long way in making a reputation for ourselves in the international business arena working closely with multi-national companies and institutions. We believe in conducting businesses globally with integrity, great self-esteem, transparency, and professionalism.

GCD’s corporate responsibility is to always build trust amongst many international players and with this business ethics has reputable elite funders having a huge vested interest in our company. Our diversity in businesses has propelled us as a bridge to many conglomerates with different expertise and individuals with a very high net worth in achieving continuous long-term success for project collaboration which stimulates the development and increases productivity.

Green City Developers Ltd (GCD) is awarded the exclusive appointment by the Funder to advocate THE “NEW” FUND as well as to be actively involved in managing the development projects in qualifying countries for regions in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Oceania. GCD will be the Project and Corporate Finance Management Corporation in countries with THE “NEW” Fund Projects. ​Using the "NEW" Fund for the social development projects of the qualified countries. This is only made possible due to our Funder has a “SPECIAL PRIVATE FUND ALLOCATION” which must be utilized solely for the socio-economic development projects in countries that qualify for the “NEW” Fund. Henceforth, the functionality and task of GCD are on initiating THE “NEW” FUND to the President or the Prime Minister of a selected country as well as to directly link the Central Bank Governor (CBG) with the FUNDER for an official introduction together with due diligence procedures. 

GCD is the Project Initiator, a 100% Papua New Guinea incorporated company to serve as the legal identity of THE “NEW” FUND. It will be working closely with the Government on its local New Company set up in the Recipient Country to manage part of the National Economic Wealth “NEW" Fund Projects.


NADZAB DEVELOPMENT LIMITED (NDL), a parent company of GCD is currently into a new township mixed development projects in Papua New Guinea appropriately named “NADZAB New Township” in a land area of 862.5 hectares valued at USD1.2 Billion. NDL is also undertaking a mixed development project combination of housing, office, retail, medical, recreational, golf & resort, commercial, and industrial components and these are all supported by THE “NEW” FUNDER. This integrated, self-managed gated, and secure township development project for over 10,000 occupants of Wampar, Papua New Guinea, is 100% undertaken by Green City Developers Ltd.

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